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San Diego State University

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Office of Academic Engagement Programs

The office implements the Common Experience, the Faculty-Student Mentoring Program, the Service Learning and Community Engagement Program, the Undergraduate Research Program, and the Undergraduate Studies Internship Program. These programs support high impact educational practices that increase faculty-student interactions, deepen student learning, and lead to advanced student achievement.

Common Experience (CE)

The Common Experience serves to facilitate increased interactions among faculty, staff, and students through a focus on common contemporary themes, related readings and academic endeavors. On an annual basis, the Common Experience faculty committee selects a timely and relevant theme and invites participation from across the campus to prepare a series of lectures, seminars, and complementary academic activities by faculty, authors, community and civic leaders for the following academic year. CE lectures and activities extend student learning and faculty-staff-student experiences beyond the classroom. Students will engage in deconstructing and exploring a common subject, treated and examined through multidisciplinary lenses, and learn to value intellectual- and personal-responsibility and apply academic thought towards finding meaningful solutions to real-world problems.


Please visit Common Experience Site for information about CE themes and activities.

Faculty-Student Mentoring Program (F-SMP)

Faculty-Student Mentoring Program (F-SMP) serves to support student engagement and development through undergraduate research, scholarship and creative activities. Central to these efforts is the development of long term relationships between students and their faculty mentors as they engage in academically purposeful tasks. To achieve this mission, the program supports eligible students by providing academic planning guides to help students participate in rigorous academic endeavors and activities; facilitating participation in undergraduate research, scholarship and creative activities, and community service initiatives across colleges and disciplines; offering active student academic support for these efforts through workshops and undergraduate university seminars; fostering mentoring, coaching, and other nurturing interactions among students and faculty mentors; and by presenting students with opportunities for regional and national professional forums. For more information about the mentoring program please visit the F-SMP website or call (619) 594-2209.

Service Learning and Community Engagement Program (SLCEP)

The Service Learning and Community Engagement Program (SLCEP) is a faculty outreach and development program that serves to increase student learning through course-based study that connects to responsive civic action whether in local, regional, or international locales. SLCEP initiatives are designed and implemented for fostering civic engagement, civic participation and civic responsibility. The goals of the SLCEP are to integrate service learning with other high-impact practices, such as study abroad and participatory action research (PAR); to document student learning in community contexts; and to continue developing a system to track SDSU community service contributions and partnerships.  The program also sponsors General Studies 280 and 480 each semester. See the Class Schedule for times and faculty participation listings. For more information about the program please visit the SLCEP website or call (619) 594-2209.

Undergraduate Studies Internship Program (USIP)

Undergraduate Studies Internship Program serves students who do not have internship requirements in their majors and are seeking options that earn college credit towards meeting graduation requirements. Students may earn one to three units of General Studies 200 or General Studies 400 credit with an approved plan prior to starting an internship for the fall or spring semester.  Three-unit General Studies 200 or 400 summer sections are offered for the T1 session (13 weeks). Summer fees apply. For more information please visit the DUS Internships website or call (619) 594-2209.

Undergraduate Research Program (URP)

The Undergraduate Research Program (URP) provides faculty with mini-grants to support student participation inundergraduate research, scholarship, or creative activities (URSCA). Faculty will serve as mentors, seminar leaders, and/or General Studies 490 instructors. Mini-grant funded projects will support students to meet URSCA learning outcomes and present their work to peers and faculty in campus, regional, or international forums. Faculty and student participants are encouraged to collaborate for at least two semesters. Additional resources are available for student travel to conferences. The URP seminar in undergraduate research, General Studies 490, may be taken by students multiple times to earn up to a maximum of six units of credit. Enrollment is subject to approval by instructors. Students must consult with their undergraduate advisors to verify that GENS 490 units can be used to meet graduation requirements for the major or the degree. For additional information please visit the URP website or call (619) 594-2209.