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Faculty Statement by Dr. Antwanisha Alameen-Shavers:

As a Faculty Student mentor, I have found that it has contributed to my service, professional development and teaching in many ways.


Faculty-Student Mentor

Fall 2015- Spring 2017


Service- The program was designed in such a way that it allowed faculty members to participate in something much different from the traditional classrooms which is what I loved the most about the program. I was able to meet and mentor students from different disciplines with various goals and research interests. This program allowed me to provide a unique service to students that might not have had the opportunity to learn about research techniques. To ensure that my students were able to confidently speak about their research projects, I created additional avenues by which they could present their research outside of the SRS. The first year, I partnered with the library to put on a student research panel. My second year, I used my funds to send 3 students to a national conference in my field. This program has given me the chance to build strong bonds with students that were in much need of mentorship from someone that looks like them.


Professional Development- I used this program as tool to conduct my own research-specifically my students helped to gather literature that was not only useful for their projects but also for the larger project on Black women which was pertinent to my personal research agenda. I was also able to hone in on my work by forcing myself to contribute to the student panel as well as the national conference. I gave them deadlines to complete assignments and I did my best to hold myself accountable to complete work as well.


Teaching- This program has been very important to how I teach about doing research because it has made me be more detailed in how I explained the various components of the research process. It has also helped me to improve upon my own research techniques because I have done the work to teach myself so that I can teach my students.


Overall, joining this program has been an amazing experience. As a Black female professor, doing research on Black women, I know that I attracted a lot of students from my racial background. I know that it was powerful for many of them to see me in this capacity. Representation is really important and in many ways can serve as inspiration for underrepresented groups. I hope that I will be invited to come back in the future.


Thank you for this opportunity!

Antwanisha Alameen Shavers