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Bio Fernando Bosco

Fernando J. Bosco, Ph.D., is Professor of Geography and Co-Chair of the Urban Studies Program at San Diego State University, California, USA. He works at the intersection of urban, political and cultural geographies, with an overarching interest in social change in the context of Latin America and the United States. His research areas include analyses of the geographies of urban social movements, and the connections between children, families and their communities, lately in relation to issues of food security and food justice. He is currently a co-principal investigator on a National Science Foundation project analyzing food practices, children politics, family relations, and place-making in San Diego. He has published articles and book chapters on the emotions of social movements, the connections between place, memory and activism, and the political geographies of children and young people. Professor Bosco teaches courses in urban geography, food and place, and geographic methods and theory.


Activities from Experience Food 2014-2015

The Food Film Series provided an opportunity for SDSU and the broader community to reflect and engage on critical issues such as hunger, food sustainability, and labor in relation to food production, to name a few. Audience, student and community were given a space to participate in informed discussion after each film.


The Experience Food theme was part of SDSU’s SRS (Student Research Symposium). Special poster sessions around food issues were organized as a way to support and expand student participation in SRS and connect the SRS with the common theme. Professor Bosco and a group of specially selected judges were able to experience high quality student posters, and undergraduate and graduate student winners were selected and given cash awards on behalf of the common experience.


Other activities around food issues at SDSU involving classes supported by SDSU’s community engagement program


Together with SDSU Professor Pascale Joassart Marcelli, Professor Bosco has been working with a team of SDSU graduate and undergraduate students, documenting the social and spatial characteristics of food environment in different San Diego neighborhoods, including City Heights and Southeast San Diego. This is part of the larger Food, Ethnicity and Place Project, which has been the basis for new community-based research and service-learning courses for SDSU students, including several sections of Geography 590: Community Based Geographic Research.

Food Film Series


Food Film Series

Food Film Series