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2014 International Photo Contest 

Theme - The Significance of Food:  Images that reflect the importance of food to your host culture,including food production, distribution, preparation, role in ceremony, and societal impacts.

Girl with tray of fish
People working in the kitchen
Boys eating ice cream


Boy eating a mango


 Shark swimming in water

And the winners are! 



Trevor Fairbank

1st Place


Independent Program: Semester at Sea, Fall 2013


The Saleswoman


Elmina, Ghana. Most of the economy is run by the fishing industry in Elmina, Ghana. This image shows a young saleswoman walking through town selling fish caught just off of Cape Coast. The fish were preserved by being laid out to dry in the sun, which made the area smell of fish.

Travis Malott

2nd Place


SDSU Faculty-led Program


Ain’t Life a Dumpling


Beijing, China. A group of workers in a typical "Baozi" restaurant residing in Beijing, China. Hours uponhours of labor are put in with low compensation in return, but it hasn't seemed to get these people down a smidgen, as they are laughing while they work. This image holds meaning to us all as it not only symbolizes the significance of food, but also the significance of the average working class man or woman.

Gabriel Guzman

3rd Place


SDSU Exchange Program


The War’s Solution


Jerusalem, Israel. This photo captures just how destructive an ice cream cone can be; if only the war between Israel and Palestine had a solution as simple as cleaning the mess made by these two children.









Nikki Tverberg

Honorable Mention


SDSU Faculty-led Program: College of Education


Memorable Mango


Tecpan, Guatemala. Food is the staple that unites every culture. The first bite into a juicy mango, the innocence peering through the gaze of a child, a life where simplicity brings joy; the feelings portrayed in this moment in time bring a life full of hope and nourishment all within Guatemala.

Alexandria Warneke

Honorable Mention 

Independent Volunteer Program – Sea Walls: Murals for Oceans


No fin. No Future.


Isla Mujeres, Mexico. Millions of sharks are massacred annually to satiate the global demand for shark fin soup.  A genocide sanctioned by human greed. Flourishing ecotourism in Isla Mujeres, Mexico has not only stabilized local economies, but provided a safe haven for these ancient behemoths from global soup bowls.