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2016 International Photo Contest 

Theme - Experience Movement:  Images capturing movement within everyday life of your host culture, in work, play, ceremony, and surroundings; either subtle or dynamic.

The Berber Path Morocco
On a speeding boat ride through the Amalfi Coast


Tokyo's daily hustle and bustle


Tower Bridge London



Recess in Guatemala
Light Fountain China

And the winners are! 


Ashlynne Ray (Marketing Major)

1st Place


"Berber Path"


(Morocco) This photograph captures movement from foreign to familiar as two Berbers leave the camel- backed, wide-eyed travelers to climb the sand dune and disappear to their home camp in the Sahara.


Avery Durko (Business Marketing Major)

Second Place





(Italy) In a world of constant change, all we can do is savor a moment.

On a speeding boat ride through the Amalfi Coast, with waves crashing

below me and clouds swirling abrove me, I was able to capture this

moment in time, and relive this experience over and over.

Ashley Kahen (Sociology Major)

3rd Place



"Reflected Movement"


(Japan) Being a part of the movement in Tokyo's daily hustle and bustle was one of the most exhilarating experiences of my time abroad in Asia. This photo encompasses Tokyo's fast-paced lifestyle while exhibiting its mesmerizing modern architecture.



Hayley O'Driscoll (Business Administration Major)

People's Choice Award



"Tower Bridge"


(England) Tower Bridge, one of London’s most famous landmarks, lifts open to allow ships to pass by multiple times each day. Here, the bridge is currently opening for a vessel to pass through upstream. Traffic on the bridge comes to a standstill as the bridge opens and the vessel moves through.



Sierra Gunberg (English Single Subject Teaching)

Honorable Mention




(Guatemala) This photo attempts to capture the unadulterated bliss (and chaos) that was the recess break in the school I volunteered for in Guatemala. The center child is relishing in some of the toys we brought for the students to enjoy.


Jamie Darling (SLHS Major)

Honorable Mention


"Night Fountains"


(China) This photo was taken on my last night in the city of Dengkou and holds a lot of meaning to me because that night we said goodbye to our students. The fountain has no barrier so children can run freely through it.