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San Diego State University

National Scholarships and Fellowships

Government Research Internships

Department of Defense

DoD Science, Mathematics, and Research for Transformation (SMART) Scholarship Program 
The Department of Defense offers scholarships and fellowships to undergraduate students in many science and engineering fields. SMART Scholars receive funding, health insurance allowance, book allowance, summer internships, and post-graduation opportunities. 

Deadline: December 1, 2017


HACU National Internship Program

Deadlines are: October 27, 2017 for Spring 2018;
October 27, 2017 & Feb 16, 2018 for Summer 2018; 
June 8, 2018 for Fall 2018

Students have the opportunity to work in the Washington D.C. and field sites throughout the country. Placements include the departments of public affairs, accounting, human resources and information technology, laboratories, hospitals, airports, national forests and parks, and others. 

Intern assignments include completing and analyzing research, writing speeches, conducting audits, performing land surveys, creating web pages, conducting community health surveys, and developing outreach strategies for under-served populations.  


Argonne National Lab Summer Undergraduate Lab Internship - Deadline is October 2017 for Spring 2018; January 2018 for Summer 2018; June 2018 for Fall 2018

The Science Undergraduate Laboratory Internship (SULI) Program encourages students to pursue science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) careers by providing research internships at one of 15 participating Department of Energy (DOE) laboratories. Students perform research, under the guidance of laboratory staff scientists or engineers, on projects supporting the DOE mission. This work is supported through the DOE's Office of Science Workforce Development for Teachers and Students Office (WDTS).   

National Scholarships and Fellowships

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