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Internships @ State


Options abound for internship opportunities at SDSU. Whether an internship is required for your major program or you just want to get a head start on experience, you can have easy access to all kinds of information on internships if you know where to look.


How to find an internship

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Career Services has an entire page devoted to finding internships. Career Services also have career counselors who are more than happy to assist you in your search and to answer any questions you might have about planning for your future career. Don't hesitate to send an email or just walk into Career Services (located in Student Services East, behind the Prospective Students Center). There is also a designated internship contact at Career Services.


Each department on campus has an internship contact, so ask your adviser for their information, or check out this handy reference sheet here.


Use Aztec Career Connection to search for internships.


Attend a TSOA internship workshop! TSOA sends emails regarding workshops, and often works with Career Services to create workshops specifically for transfer students—so they're smaller and more personal than Career Services' general workshops open to all. To keep up to date with our workshops, sign up for our list-serve to receive emails.




  • Don't be afraid to really engage yourself in your internship. Ask questions! Lots of them! You're there to learn and your mentor is there to help. Asking questions shows you're interested in where you work and care about what you're doing.

  • Stick with your interests! If you really have no desire to ever work for an advertising agency, or you hate sales, you don't have to intern for an ad agency or sales company. Internships are everywhere–schools, hospitals, museums, government departments and agencies, recreational facilities, galleries, charitable organizations, nonprofits, political organizations, fashion companies, and more. Intern somewhere that you love. Intern somewhere that you would like to work some day, because it will show in the effort you make.

  • Do as much as you can! Take on any task, no matter how insignificant it may seem. Doing any task asked of you, or that you ask to do, shows initiative and committment.