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San Diego State University

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Leadership Roles at SDSU


So you've applied, been accepted, and transferred to SDSU—congratulations! Now that you're here, you are part of an engaging and dynamic community of students, faculty, and staff who have a lot of school pride and love for SanHepner Hall Diego at large. As a transfer student, however, you may want to stay focused only on academics to "get in and get out," or you may even believe that getting involved isn't an option for you.


But wait! It's totally an option, and it is almost literally never too late to start your involvement. Getting involved is a wonderful way meet new people and become immersed in the school, as well as a great addition to your resume for jobs, scholarships, internships, fellowships, grants, etc. Getting involved can set your resume apart from others.


SDSU needs your transfer student voice in its leadership positions. Questions? Email us (on the "About Us" page)!


Involvement Opportunities (links below)


More great opportunities to do something on campus