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How to Apply for SDSU Scholarships

Scholarships are not just for freshman! And you can apply for scholarships throughout your entire college career, not just in the beginning! Though the process may seem daunting, applying for scholarships can be a smooth process, especially if applying for SDSU scholarships, of which there are many, for all majors and minors. The trick is to search early and to search often, and to make sure you follow all the steps of the scholarship process.


How to apply for SDSU scholarships:


  1. SEARCH for SDSU scholarships by selecting your class level and your major or credential from the drop down menus. Search again by selecting your class level and "All majors" for scholarships available to any major.
  2. SELECT scholarships for which you meet the eligibility requirements (listed in the description of each scholarship).
  3. APPLY for each scholarship by its deadline.

Screenshot of how to search for scholarships


Some of the above links (including links to specific scholarships) are external and are provided as a courtesy. Their placement on this website does not constitute an endorsement by Transfer Student Outreach Alliance, Division of Undergraduate Studies, or San Diego State University.