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San Diego State University


Who should I see at Career Services?
Ask for a career counselor who can guide you through the process of selecting a major.

When should I declare a major?
Declare your major as soon as you can make a well informed decision. Most students should declare the major no later than the third semester of enrollment. This timing will allow you to complete the requirements for all but a few majors in four years. All undergraduate students must declare a major when they achieve 70 baccalaureate units. 

May I take classes in my major before I declare it?
Sometimes. You will find a list of courses required for each major in the SDSU General Catalog. Courses listed in Preparation for the Major are a great place to start. Some majors are impacted and have pre-major requirements that must be satisfied before you can begin taking upper-division major courses.

Is there a risk to waiting to declare my major?
Some, yes. The curriculum can change from year to year. Major requirements change to reflect new research and employment conditions. You must meet the major requirements in effect at the time you officially declare the major. By officially declaring your major, you establish your degree requirements.

Do all students have their major declared?
About a third of entering college students are undeclared, and those who are decided frequently change their major at some point. More than half of all college students change majors at least once.

Do I need to pursue a specific undergraduate major in order to gain admission to my desired postgraduate professional program?
Generally, no. While some graduate programs have specific majors and prerequisites, most are open to students from a wide variety of majors and backgrounds. Check with the specific program you have in mind. If you plan to apply to a graduate program at SDSU, click here for the Graduate Bulletin.


Complete a Declaration of Major/Minor form, available in the Academic Advising Center or the Office of the Registrar. Take the form to the undergraduate adviser for the major for advising. For a map of Student Services West click here.