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women's resource center

women's resource center


WRC Staff

photo of Jessica Nare

Jessica is a proud SDSU alumna and has been a lecturer in the Department of Women's Studies since 2010. Previously, she worked at Jewish Family Service as the Director of Leadership Programs. Jessica is inspired each day by the spirit and passion of the students who spend time in the WRC. In addition to social justice, Jessica is deeply passionate about high-brow fiction, B-horror films, and Halloween. 
photo of Queena

Queena received her Bachelor degree in Women's Studies at SDSU and is proud to be working towards a Master of Postsecondary Educational Leadership. Queena is dedicated to sexual violence prevention and education. She cares deeply about creating social change and promoting equity for underrepresented communities. Queena spends her free time exploring new places, trying different foods, and enjoying outdoor activities. 

photo of Liz Nelson-Cahill
Liz was born and raised in Portland, Oregon. She spent over a year working with Sexual Assault Support Services in Lane County Oregon before graduating from the University of Oregon with a Bachelor's in Psychology and moving to San Diego. Inspirational, Pro-Black, artistic, feminist, currently earning her Master's in Marriage and Family Therapy with career goals of becoming a couple's intimacy therapist. Liz spends her downtime painting, drawing, reading and dancing.
photo of Elzbeth Islas

A Chicana hamster-lover, Elzbeth graduated from UC San Diego with a B.A. in Ethnic Studies. Her feminist inspirations include Audre Lorde, Alicia Garza, Gloria Anzaldúa and the collective Latina Rebels. Elzbeth is honored to work at the WRC to foster activism that is intersectional, accessible and community-centered. She aspires to bring mental health and mental illness awareness through programming and mentorship.

photo of Bianca Herrera
Bianca is a third-year sociology major from the Bay Area, California. She is a Xicana feminist, writer, and thinker. In her free time, she enjoys reading, discovering new art, and falling in love with every dog she meets. She is excited to dedicate her time at the WRC to promoting social change and providing an inclusive, empowering space for queer women of color to grow and thrive.
Marlene is a third year Social Work major. She is a brown Xicana feminist looking to inspire and mobilize communities around her. Marlene aims to create intersectional spaces for womyn of color in SDSU. She enjoys doing community organizing to advocate for underrepresented groups in San Diego and Los Angeles. She loves spending time at the beach and discovering new places to go.
photo of Mia

Mia a second year Women's Studies major who identifies as a queer, Latina feminist.  She loves to meeting new people almost as much as she loves her cat, Piper.  Mia enjoys reading, dancing, and doing anything that challenges her to become a better, more socially conscious person. She hopes to have conversations about sex, sexuality, and gender that are sex positive, intersectional, and will challenge the dominant ideas of these topics that exist on our campus.


photo of Sarah Tanori
Sarah is a senior majoring in Rhetoric and Writing Studies and minoring in Women’s Studies. She identifies as a Chicanx feminist and an open heart. Sarah is passionate about building a space that is intersectional, transformative, and radically loving. As a writer, she enjoys creating zines and typing feverously in her IPhone notes. Sarah is grateful for the individuals that enter the space each day and the experiences they bring to every interaction at WRC. 
Marisol (she/her) is a fourth year undergraduate student majoring in Political Science. She was raised in Denver, Colorado and enjoys going on hikes or snowboarding when she visits home. Marisol just returned from a semester abroad in Seville, Spain. Marisol is a firm believer in the power of feminist friendships, and that is why she is responsible for the femtorship program at the WRC. If you see her around, feel free to ask her about the program or her study abroad experience!
Andrea is a first year ISCOR major from Puerto Rico. Her hobbies include gardening, watching C-Span, and reading. Andrea is passionate about social justice issues, specifically relating to human rights violations within the relationship between Puerto Rico and the United States. Andrea hopes to create a campus environment that celebrates the diversity of thoughts within its student body. 

WRC Fellows

Brianda was born and raised in San Diego, CA by her single-mother. As a first-
generation, low-income student, the challenges she experienced as she navigated higher
education inspired her to pursue a career in Student Affairs. She identifies as a queer, multiethnic, latinx,
feminist scholar. Bri hopes to assist the WRC in creating intersectional 
brave spaces where students feel validated, supported and connected.
Jeimy Mcdonald is originally from Colombia but moved to the United States when she was adopted in 2008. Jeimy is a senior majoring in Cultural Anthropology and minoring in women’s studies and Spanish. Jeimy has a deep passion for fighting for women’s rights enjoys participating in thoughtful discussions. Jeimy is a big advocate for self love and women power! 
Sloan is a sleepy person trying their best to get decent grades. She is a typical Aquarius with a love for social justice. Sloan care about bringing visibility to dating violence, while also practicing self care. The WRC has been a godsend to Sloan in terms of allowing her to flourish in her feminist identity.
Jessica is a third year whose major is continually changing along with everything else in my life. Jessica is a proud lesbian who is passionate about LGBT+ issues and sexual violence education/prevention. She hopes to never be in a place where she is done learning or growing and the WRC is certainly a space that encourages both. She is proud and fortunate to be a part of it!
A returning student working on finishing up my bachelors degree, Bonnie is an English Major and a Women’s Studies minor. Bonnie has been working with women and body image for over a decade now and hopes to continue that work as well as branch out to other education and outreach work in the field of women’s and gender issues. Bonnie has two kids, ages 15 and 12, and is really excited to share these next few teen years with them.
Andrea is a senior majoring in Religious Studies with a minor in Psychology. She plans to one day become a professor. Andrea was born in Los Angeles, but moved to San Diego as a small child. She enjoys  traveling, going to the beach, exercising, cooking/baking, and spending time with friends and family, especially my boyfriend and ten year old daughter, Chanel. Andrea wants to spread more awareness about are sexual abuse and domestic violence. 
For more information contact:
Women's Resource Center
5121 Campanile Drive (Next to the Pride Center on the corner of Lindo Paseo and Campanile)  |  (619) 594-2304

If you are interested in more information about the WRC or want to be added to our email list, please be in touch with Jessica Nare, WRC Coordinator, or stop by our new location!